The Zine Library 2014

Folkestone, Kent / July 2014

“A zine (/ˈziːn/ zeen; an abbreviation of fanzine, or magazine) is most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original and/or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier.”

The Zine Library is an event that adheres to no theme but instead acts to show how diverse and accessible the format is, especially in this digital age. Displayed are submissions from all over the world, focusing on all sorts of subjects, in all manner of playful interpretations and including small independent publications. It is a true celebration of the handheld and the DIY.

For the second of Strange Cargo’s zine libraries, which took place over the 4th to the 8th July, we were joined by a myriad of talent who helped to pull off a fantastic event for all ages and abilities.

Kicking off the extended weekend we were joined by some of Kent’s top musicians with performances from Chewing//Gum, Xylaroo and Boo, Forever, who in the true spirit of DIY performed stellar acoustic sets.

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