fallen fruit

Fallen Fruit took place in place in front of a large audience in the city centre, in Iron Bar Lane, where a choir of 300 local singers and percussionists, elevated on staging, joined forces with the contemporary choir, The Shout, to deliver Orlando Gough’s specially composed work, Fallen Fruit. As the event built and more voices joined the stage, the huge flywheels,

ratchets, gearings and crankshafts, powered up and the machine began to noisily and indiscriminately pulverise tonnes of apples, continually fed into the massive steel hopper by a team of people. The apples were crushed to a pulp as the toothed wheels of the crusher came together, spewing pulp wastefully onto the ground around the machine.

The event marked an important milestone in the company’s approach to participation.

The event was supported by Brogdale, the Faversham home of the National Fruit Collection, who together with Paul Mansfield, supplied the 6 tonnes of apples for the event. Sculptor Andrew Baldwin designed and built the automata.