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fallen fruit

For the opening ceremony of the 2005 Canterbury Festival, Strange Cargo destroyed six tonnes of Kentish Apples in protest over EU subsidy cuts. Finding its inspiration in an article of the same name by George Monbiot, Fallen Fruit was a project whose subject focused specifically on the plight of the traditional Kentish apple. The work highlighted the withdrawal of EU subsidies to ancient Kentish orchards, resulting in thousands of fruit trees being dug up because they were not commercially viable. This very local issue provided Strange Cargo, in partnership with composer Orlando Gough and choirmaster Jeremy Avis, with the foundations for a different model of participation.

The subject demanded a new, politicised approach that moved away from traditional notions of public celebration. 300 local singers and percussionists joined forces with a contemporary choir, The Shout, to perform in Canterbury as a sinister apple crusher, created by sculptor Andrew Baldwin churned through tonnes of the fruit.

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