The View from Here

Yarpole, Hereford / August 2012

Many philosophers and anthropologists have theorised about the everyday, drawing our attention to that which is considered so ordinary that it is mostly overlooked, but when segments of everyday life are isolated and shown in a new context, they do in fact, become remarkable, marvellous and extraordinary.

This artwork has been produced following an artist residency as part of the Time Will Tell arts programme at Croft Castle in Hereford and was commissioned by Meadow Arts and the National Trust. The artwork, whcih takes the form of a book and trail, has been a collaboration with local people who work and volunteer at the Castle and live in the surrounding villages. Their contribution has been to work with Strange Cargo to build a colloquial history of site and the book contains anecdotes, rumours and information from many locals who willingly found time to share their own personal musings about this ancient edifice.

The programme is currently running at the Castle, with an installation in the Stables and a trail that runs throughout the castle and grounds, which locate the stories in their surroundings. It is a very personal, beautiful and rich history, which is still evolving. Visitors to Croft Castle will be able to continue adding their own personal contributions to the artwork.