the fish symphony

The Fish Symphony a performance for the 2005 Herne Bay Festival was an intrepid tale of intrigue, mutiny and local folklore delivered by the suspiciously tall figure of Salt Peter, who strode through the streets of the town, accompanied by dancing giant fish and musical seaside shanties, regaling the audience with dubious tales of old Herne Bay.

Six giant fish, created during a residency at Herne Bay High School as part of the Make it Real initiative, were animated by the students to create the promenade performance. Cautionary tales for children were written by Chris Tophill who based the chilling stories on local myths, that also inspired the songs, written and performed by Jack Pound and the Rattlers.

The event developed local participation and community involvement in the delivery of the performance, created a significant work for the 2005 festival programme and provided the first outing for the Herne Bay Fish, who now accompany Lily the Giant on her many outings.