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The theme of Skellynight was drawn from the imagery and identity of the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival and was perfect for Ramsgate with it's history of being a Roman Burial ground. Dias de los Muertos draws back the veil between the living and dead for one night a year, during the festival of All Souls, to celebrate the memory of dead relatives.

The harbour procession included giant colourful skeletons puppets, even larger than the previous year's had been, accompanied by costumed figures, houses and pubs along the route had been decorated to join in the fun.

The spectacular finale build was based on imagery of a Día de los Muertos candleabra, creating an animated musical performance and attracted a much increased audience and set a high standard for the coming two years. As part of Thanet Council's arts development programme Strange Cargo worked with Isle of Thanet Arts, Artwise and Carnival Sounds.
Skelly Night 2000 | Skelly Night 2002

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