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"We shall carry the light of our lanterns in a procession to the seafront, where we will witness the burning of the Clock of the Second Millennium, celebrating the acheivements, hopes and aspirations of the human race over the past 2000 years, while being mindful of our frailties, failings and weaknesses"
Cllr Woodbridge, Dover Council

Strange Cargo created two major Millennium events for Dover to mark the turning of the century,the first place to see the sun rise on the new century.

A stunning lantern parade processed through the streets of Dover. Ten local communities, led by the Bethlehem Peace Light, converged on Dover seafront where thousands of people celebrated the end of century together. After a huge projected display and performance, the clock went through it's last workings before exploding away in flames and fireworks. On New Years Day The Carnival of the Planets led to the huge mechanical orrery waiting to be awoken.

Commissioned by Dover District Council.

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