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fete de noue

The Channel Island of Jersey invited Strange Cargo to develop a community event that would leave a legacy of creative skills with the islands artist population.

The residency coincided with St. Heliers Fete de Noue winter celebrations, which enabled the team to deliver a training programme of large and small scale lantern making workshops, across the entire island in preparation for the night time event to launch the festival. A number of local artists developed a range of skills during the residency and have since delivered their own lantern events using the techniques and logistics training taught by Strange Cargo during their time on the island.

On such a small island word rapidly spreads, and on the night of the event the streets were overflowing and the participants treated like celebrities. Jersey's first ever lantern parade processed through the meandering streets of St Helier, to Parliament Square where choirs and musicians played to the crowd. As the last notes died away confetti cannons ignited from the surrounding rooftops created a magical snow storm finale.

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