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  • Charivari Day 2010

charivari day 2010

Charivari 2010, 'A Night at the Opera' resulted in the creation of the most extraordinary costumes, with interpretations of every operatic connection imaginable.

Strange Cargo was delighted to welcome Tonico Lemos Auad, a Brazilian artist who is one of 19 international artists contributing to the Folkestone Triennial 2011, and Mikhail Karakis, a Greek artist, who brought an element of his 'exploded' opera Xenon to the day. Both were active participants in creating costumes for the procession.

The whole Charivari process was energised by the incredible community and school groups who, along with our talented carnival artist team, made this year’s event a huge success. More than 600 fabulously extravagant costumed revelers paraded through the streets. The compelling music and rhythms in the procession were provided by bands and musicians from Brazil, India and across the UK.

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