• giraffe
  • eros
  • the dragon being delivered
  • carnival builds in the van
  • costumes in the gallery
  • simon as a cyberman
  • the very wet team
  • trial run of the costumes
  • trial run of the costumes
  • trial run of the costumes
  • the music in the amphitheatre
  • the evening in the amphitheatre

charivari day 04

Transports of Delights was the theme of the 2004 Charivari Day, weeks of building went in to the incredible array of carnival transportation invented for the event, the best carnival ever was on it's way!

Unfortunately, the rain came down in sheets, thunder and lightening struck, the town flooded and with great sadness the parade didn't happen.

The spectacular carnival builds didn't make it to the streets, but you can see how fantastic they were. The rain eventually cleared enough to go ahead with the evening music programme and the fabulous creations returned to their makers for display.

Strange Cargo teams worked with school and community groups in three day workshops to create the costumes. The walker costumes were created in primary school following a teachers masterclass.

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