My Heart Belongs to Hastings

Sept 2012

The project, My Heart Belongs to Hastings will be unique to Hastings and launches during the Coastal Currents Arts Festival with an unveiling of the sculpture on 23rd September at Goats Ridge at St. Leonards. The commission will become a permanent sculpture in the town on the seafront and will be enjoyed by everyone.

Individuals from and visitors to Hastings will have the opportunity to contribute and be part of the sculpture in a series of workshops leading up to the unveiling where they will have the opportunity to decorate a padlock with message, love tokens or their initials as a reminder and souvenir of their participation in the artwork. Each padlock will represent an individual member of the community, who will all contribute their personalised padlock to the artwork. The sculpture will be created using reclaimed greenheart groyne timbers from Pevensey Bay coastal defence work, each wooden post weathered by years of saltwater and spray. Strange Cargo will deliver a series of artists led workshops with partners across Hastings. The workshop programme will take place in the lead up and during the Coastal Currents festival and will result in many hundreds of decorated padlocks that will be attached to the sculpture. Stainless steel mooring shackles will become the fixing points for the padlocks on the wooden structure, which will hang in organic fronds, similar in appearance to rope grown mussels, or lush fronds of seaweed. The interlinking padlock installation will grow in shape and size as people attach new locks to the artwork and people can continue to add their own locks after the artwork is unveiled.

The artwork has been commissioned by Coastal Currents and huge thanks go to Arts Council England, Hastings Borough Council and The Environment Agency.