The Message Hubs

east folkestone / October 2011

At three sites at South Street, Blackbull Road and Fleming Way in East Folkestone, Strange Cargo's community noticeboard scheme called The Message Hubs, has been unveiled.

Decorated with images of significant East Folkestone locations, the Hubs are a response to a consultation exercise as part of the Kent County Council funded Folkestone Forward initiative where communication was identified as a major obstacle to people accessing local opportunities and services. The Hub sites were chosen in collaboration with local neighbourhood groups at busy interchanges and give unrestricted access to local people to display their own posters and adverts, making it much easier to communicate local news and events, and a place where all of the interesting or significant local news, such as community events, gigs, fund raising projects, entertainment, lost cats, keep fit classes, significant birthdays, and the wealth of local services can be advertised and shared with a much wider audience.

As soon as the hubs were sited, local people began using them and feedback through facebook, twitter and word of mouth has indicated they are a welcome resource that will be well used.