by this time next year...

Georges House Gallery and Folkestone / March 2011

By This Time Next Year will create an oasis of self motivation in the deserts of distraction that buries our personal aspirations under mountains of requests for our diminishing grains of time. boredomresearch aim to challenge the cult of immediacy allowing individuals to move their life values from a frenetic market driven world to a place of their own choosing.

Using the combined approach of distributed technology in combination with physical public installations, By This Time Next Year will empower and augment an individual's ability to make life altering changes. The digital based gallery installation will give visitors the opportunity to experience the goals set by others, whilst pondering on and contributing their own. Then in precisely one year’s time, participants will receive an email asking them whether they have achieved the goal they aspired twelve months ago. Visit to take part.

This is a new web based project, which has been commissioned by Strange Cargo, as part of their ACE funded Stretching New Boundaries programme.

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