Dads and Kids Day

Folkestone / February 2011

The Dads and Kids day that we held at Folkestone Library was a great success. Nearly fifty Dads and their offspring came pouring through the doors to join in the craft activities on offer, including T shirt printing, jewellery making and decorating a picture frame that would eventually hold the photos of each family that our photographer was taking.

The event run by our male artists and funded by Kent County Council, was a way of finding out if local Dads were interested in getting together to join in activities with their children. The answer was a resounding YES! One father told us "It is great to have something organised to do, when you are tired at the end of the week it is difficult to think of different things to do all of the time and you tend to go for the point of least resistance, like the cinema or burger bar, but this great and we would certainly join in again".

A number of the Dads got together again with Strange Cargo shortly after for a beer and pizza night, where they chatted to us about what they liked best about the event and to help plan for another Dad and Kids event in March. Keep watching our website for news of a new Facebook site organised by the Dads, which they agreed was a good way to keep in touch and share information about what is happening locally.