2016 Cheriton Light Festival

February 2016 / Cheriton

by the play Footfalls by Samuel Beckett, during which the performer walks nine paces, backwards and forwards, repeatedly, across the stage.

It was only when I talked about this connection at Strange Cargo that I discovered that not only did Samuel Beckett visit Folkstone - he was married there, to Suzanne, in Folkstone Registry Office in 1961. DW Feb. 2016

david@Transmogrify Light Show - St. Andrews Church - Let there be Light Step inside the church where myriad of spiralling, projected light beams create a dynamic environment of morphing stained glass images.

Digital Funfair - Shed your inhibitions and hold hands with someone you don’t know to light up CHERITON!

Pac-bike - Play classic arcade games from the seat of a bicycle. Pedal to fire and steer to (ahem) steer. Its just like playing the original games but difficult, uncomfortable and keeps you fit!

Digital Funfair Beat Box Jigsaw - It’s the ever popular semi automatic DJing table and super bright display of big LED pixels - mix and mash up beats by sliding blocks of wood around a table. Become a superstar DJ in minutes!

Bigfoot Productions Selfie Wall Bathe in the colourful glow of this selfie wall and send your photo to the town centre screen for all to enjoy. Via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Emma Ferry Drawing Participant - Cheriton Baptist Church - Individuals have different relationships with the process of drawing, so what happens when you become a participant?

Greg Stobb- Mr Squirls Starlight Yarn - Cheriton Baptist Church Hall. Paint your face with UV glow make up and follow the trail into an Ultra Violet environment where you can take a selfie and send to the screen in Cheriton High Street.

The Selfie Screen Folkestone Printing Window Watch this window to see who has sent a selfie from Alley Cats and the Selfie Wall to the town centre screen.

Naomi Eaton-Baudains and Jon Laws - Elsewhere - Location Broomfield Road. A collaborative installation that explores natural imagery, abstraction and site-specificity through the use of projections and field-recordings. Thanks to W Martin Ltd.

Ross Ashton and Karin Monid - Spiritus - All Souls Church. World renown projection artist Ross Ashton will illuminate All Souls Church in Cheriton with an artwork inspired by the beautiful peacock feather winged angels in the building’s stained glass windows. In collaboration with sound artist Karin Monid the pair have created an extraordinary visual spectacle and mesmerizing sound installation for this gothic building.

Matt Rowe - Passage - All Souls Church Hall. A multi media Installation that explores the eerie symbolism of friendly societies and overlooked thoroughfare’s of Cheriton. Using holographic projection and experimental photographic techniques, Rowe has merged images and sounds, animating a hinterland at the margins of community.

Georgina Scott BT Infinity - Cheriton High Street. From the outside, visitors will see an ordinary BT public telephone, but step inside and there is so much more. Georgina Scott is a Curatorial Practice student who aims to highlight and shift a person’s relationship with a space through the use of artistic interventions.

Porté par le Vent - Le Bal des Luminéoles - Cheriton High Street. On the ground, bright illuminated flowers, from which the Luminéole's, poetic dreams, get their energy. Then, full of light, they will go up to the sky in a light and beautiful ballet to express their illuminated and coloured dresses

Maureen Jordan – The Milk of Human Kindness - 28 Marler Road. A small light installation, inspired by memories of a time when milk was delivered in bottles from local dairies and was drunk by children in schoolyards before the milk snatcher took them away.....

Benjamin Hunt - Torchlight. AAA Battery - 23 Quested Road An interactive expanded cinema installation, that is initiated by a curious onlooker and torchlight through a letterbox.

Inflatable cinema - Cheriton at Night & Knowing Me, Knowing You. St. George’s Terrace Zac Cooke’s Open Air Inflatable cinema screen will be screening the Kaleidoscope smart phone video’s you have shared, alongside a new short film created for the Cheriton Light Festival by a group of local young people, which conquers up a paperboy’s unusual night ride around Cheriton.

Terry Perk and Daniel Tollady - Knowing Me, Knowing You. Strange Cargo Gallery, Geraldine Road. A visual treat of geometry and light, curated by you, where visitors can build their own limited edition kaleidoscope in public workshops at Strange Cargo’s factory, then be invited to take shorts video clips of the Light Festival through the kaleidoscope using their smart phone. Send your films to the inflatable cinema screen at Geraldine Road via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Student Makers Market - An illuminated market for Cheriton! Discover limited edition, contemporary art and craft from young Kent makers. Buy original products and support a young business today!

Circus Ring - Cheriton High Street Paul Cheneour is listed in the top 100 jazz flautists of all time and will be performing, improvisational, enlightening flute pieces unique to the Light Festival.

James Cassidy is joined by Pete Brown and will be performing a modern mix of medieval drones with live percussion and bass and a sprinkling of Scandinavian flavours!

Paul Incredible Incredible, super wiggly twirler of shiny things!

Impossible Participatory Arts - Codex - Cheriton High Street. "A talking story book that tells a thousand-and-one different tales - some real, others a bit harder to believe."

Impossible Participatory Arts - Lightweight - Cheriton Baptist Church garden. A huge inflated sphere lit up with colour and live animation - and featuring anyone who wants to add their face to the mix.

Madeline Jones Off Road - The Rectory, I Ashley Avenue. The domestic car is used as a reversed viewing mechanism to consider how we experience the outside world through the constructed panorama of its windows.

Nozomi Watanabe - Observations Points - Cheriton Recreation Ground. Discover led lit weather balloons that correspond to stars in the night sky - an observation points for stargazing.

With huge thanks to sponsors: Arts Council England, Shepway District Council, Folkestone Town Council, Joyce Carr Doughty Charitable Trust, Tory Family Foundation, Rotary Club of Folkestone Channel, Church and Dwight Ltd., Councillors Peter Gane, John Collier, Ann Berry, Damon Robinson, Patricia West and Roger West and event travel partners Stagecoach East Kent.

Event Team: Hannah Rushforth, Ruby Bolton, Rachel James, Bid Tophill, Emily Tull, Sam Giles, Zo Defferary, Hayley Stickells, Isaac Bolton, Ebony Gale, Louella Gale, William Herbert, Toby Cotton, Ray White, Christian Venkatasamy, Leon Bernard, Vas Legasi.

Technical and logistics support: Roger Casement - Traffic Management David Melrose – Bigfoot Productions Peter Brown - Annex Music Scarlett Rickard – Graphic Design Baz Hodson - Under Your Hat Productions Andy Jones – Photographer Georges Zerbino – Sign Graphics Vince Williams – Cheriton Historian Cheriton Traders: Sue Ryder, W. Martin Ltd., Everest Cash and Carry, Folkestone Printing, Community Network, Premier Taxis, Royal Cheriton, The Secret Garden Florist, Folkestone Self Contained Storage, Safe Hands, Windmill Cafe. Folkestone Town Council for supplying power for the event. All Souls Church St. Andrews Methodist Church Cheriton Baptist Church All Souls Primary School Harcourt Primary School Morehall Academy Catapillar’s Childrens Centre