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like the back of my hand

In 2000 Strange Cargo devised a new artwork to celebrate the new millennium. 101 people were sought; 100 were born in a different year of the previous century and the 101st was the first baby born in Shepway district in the year 2000.

The handprint of each person was cast in bronze and biographies and photographs were taken, along with a recording of each participant speaking the year of their birth.

Initially exhibited in Georges House Gallery, the artwork went on to become a permanent installation in 2004 in the previously dilapidated walkway up to Folkestone Central Railway Station in 2004. Like the Back of My Hand animates a much used public space, creates an iconic gateway to the town and has become a memorial for those who are no longer with us.

In 2005 Like the Back of My Hand won the prestigious Rouse Kent Public Art Award presented by Stephen Deuchar, the Director of Tate Britain.

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