• captain sam from whitstable
  • captain sam from whitstable and avelynne
  • torrent from littlebourne
  • joss from margate
  • jude from liverpool
  • avelynne and hartley from averley
  • jude from liverpool
  • sandwich giant
  • flora from littlebourne


the giants project

The success of the 'Giants Project' lies in their ability to reflect the fundamental characteristics and traits of the places they come from.

The Giants project was designed to find innovative ways of seeking peoples’ views about their lives and communities using their opinions to help them create the identity of the Giant and a sense of community. Géant builders from northern France and Belgium shared their centuries old construction techniques and communities have created ten Giants across the UK. Each, equally successful in capturing the essence and energy of its home town, is proudly displayed when the Giants attend festivals in the UK and across Europe.

Torrent the Littlebourne Giant | Harry the Hawkinge Giant | John Dury the Sandwich Giant | Lily the Herne Bay Giant | Flora the Singleton Giant | Josh the Margate Giant | Captain Sam the Whitstable Giant | Avelynne the Aveley Giant | Jude the Liverpool Giant | Belle the Canterbury Giant |

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