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the beany transcription project

"The resulting images are astonishing and shockingly frank in their depiction of both the positive and negative aspects of teenage life in the 21st century - and could become icons of their time for generations" Brigitte Orasinski

The Beaney institute in Canterbury is home to the city's collection of artworks. This project was devised to introduce a new generation to the artworks whilst exploring young people's views of the city as it is now, and their place within it.

As part of The Portrait of a Nation programme Strange Cargo worked with young people from The Canterbury High School to study and transcribe six of the artworks through a variety of media, to represent aspects of their own lives and environment. The artworks were exhibited at the Youth Summit in Liverpool, where they received a great deal of attention, then on to Georges House, we hope they will eventually be shown alongside the originals in the newly refurbished Beaney Institute.

This project was commissioned by Canterbury City Council