Forget Me Not events

11 November 2018

Heritage Lottery Fund generously supported a project for Cheriton to commemorate the towns role in the First World War.

On Friday 26th October 2018 Strange Cargo delivered a family workshop to create a version of the Princess Mary Gift Box gifted to WW1 soldiers Christmas 2014. click here for more information. The same workshop took place in every primary school across Cheriton, to educate and inform children and adults and to give them a glimpse into life during WWI. To download the information leaflet that accompaned the workshop please click here.

Saturday 10th November 2pm - 4pm. Historian Vince Williams deliver a free talk about the First World War and what life was like in Cheriton during the war years. An exhibition of artefacts was displayed by local historians Peter and Annie Bamford, who were also on hand to talk to visitors about their collection and the relevance of specific items to the theme of the talk. The Dazzle Horse, which was created by artist Kelvin Pawsey and students from Harvey Grammar School, based on Norman Wilkinson's Dazzle Camouflage paint techniques and the horse was adorned with representations of all the military insignia of the regiments that Cheriton's fallen soldiers had belonged to. Click here for more. Around 45 people attended.

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