Bearing Liability

03 September 2017

Sunday 5th November is the final day of Bearing Liability exhibition at Strange Cargo Gallery. To celebrate having this wonderful show in Cheriton we will be screening the performance of Maxi More performing Artist in Residence Fani Parali's The Moons Mouth. Come and enjoy the artworks by the 30 artists on show for the last time with a glass on wine between 11am and 4pm.

We are delighted to be hosting fourteen artists from The Royal Academy Schools in London who will be at Strange Cargo Gallery showing recent work from 3rd September to 5th November.

The exhibition, which is curated by RAS artist Richie Moment, will include new work made by Roland Carline and Fani Parali during a period of residency at Strange Cargo over the summer.

Exhibiting artists include Eva Gold, Adam Shield, India Mackie, Sam Austen, Dmitri Galitizine, Jessy Jetpacks, Matilda Moores, Jack Burton, Ben Doherty, Deborah Olakigbe, Lucas Dillion, Gabriella Boyd, Fani Parali and Roland Carline, in collaboration with choreographer Rachel Gildea.

Huge thanks goes to supporters Arts Council England, The Royal Academy Schools, Shepway District Council, Cllr Rory Love and Roger De Haan Charitable Trust.