Cheriton Lights Festival 2016

08 March 2016

There were so many amazing artworks at this years Cheriton Light Festival. Enjoy browsing through images of the event and read below about all the extraordinary artworks that were at this years festival.

Jyll Bradley - Espalier (2016) - Strange Cargo, Geraldine Road Yes An espalier is a technique for training fruit trees so that maximum sun reaches the ripening fruit. This new work draws upon Bradley's childhood memories of Kentish orchards. Created for the sunny southerly wall of Strange Cargo the work celebrates the twin colours of growth - green leaf and red fruit.

David Ward - Light on the Feet (Footfalls for Samuel Beckett) - Strange Cargo Gallery, Geraldine Road. This work is about stepping, walking, touch and being in physical contact with the earth. It is inspired

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