• Gillian Wearing

Thanks for your votes

01 May 2015

After a couple of weeks of voting Strange Cargo was runner up to Nottingham in our quest to bring Gillian Wearing to Folkestone. Thanks to everyone who voted - there were over 1500 of you. We led most of the way and what an amazing result considering our population is 47,000 and Nottingham is 300,000.

Next time!!

Remember last year you all voted for Strange Cargo to win Spencer Tunick to come to Folkestone, well we are so delighted to have been shortlisted again by Connect at Museums at Night to win the absolutely amazing artist Gillian Wearing, who will create the project Personal Karaoke for our new gallery at The Factory.

We have stiff competition from Backlit in Nottingham, The Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea, The Museum of Croydon and our lovely neighbours at Turner Contemporary who are all also shortlisted - but we know we can all do it again!!

Personal Karaoke will involve you!! We will be asking people to write about themselves based upon a topic chosen by Gillian and Strange Cargo and these lyrics will be set to music and performed by people with a Karaoke machine on the night of the exhibition in the gallery. No previous singing experience necessary!!!! We intend to turn the gallery into a pub for the night and in exchange The Royal Cheriton pub will be taking on the mantle of a gallery with live streaming the whole event in the main bar.

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