The People's Guidebook to Lens

08 December 2014

Our first Folkestone Triennial artwork in 2011 was a No.1 best seller and was so successful in revealing the most important places in Folkestone from the point of view of local people, that the Louvre-Lens Tourism office, have commissioned us to recreate the artwork for them. The region is a UNESCO World Heritage destination and is home to a new extension of the Louvre gallery, which in 2013 welcomed over 1,000,000 international visitors. Lens, a former mining town, is known for its landmark slagheaps which rise above the otherwise flat landscape like two volcanoes. The Guidebook will be full of the places that people from the Lens region consider to reflect their history, culture and personal memories. In a nutshell, the things that makes it feel like home. The project is funded through the ICR INTERREG programme which both Strange Cargo and the Mission Départementale Louvre-Lens Tourisme are partners in.

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