Charivari 2014: Up on the Downs

Charivari Day 2014 is entitled Up on the Downs. This is the 18th year Strange Cargo’s spectacular and colourful carnival parade has taken place in Folkestone. For 2014 the processions manifests itself as a celebration of East Kent’s coastal landscape. Strange Cargo and their artists will be working closely with the team from Up on the Downs, whose work it is to spread awareness and help conserve our unique coastline and landscape - we will be supporting them in their quest as this years’ Charivari carnival will be celebrating all that is exceptional about Folkestone’s surrounding landscape of chalkdowns, cliffs and woodlands.

Amongst the six themed sections that will be so adeptly brought to life through participants ornate costumes, are the beautiful and extremely rare Late Spider Orchid; the tantalizing and mysterious Folkestone Fossil beds and the unexpected Pillboxes, architectural remnants from WW2 that speckle the coastal landscape.