strange cargo digital commission

18 February 2011

Opens to the public on Saturday 5th March

Overwhelmed by mounting tasks and demands on your time? Involved in projects and programmes that satisfy the goals of others? boredomresearch new exhibition, “By This Time Next Year…” is your chance to take a moment to stop, consider, and actively agree to pursue a personal goal of your own.

This new digital artwork and exhibition, commissioned by Strange Cargo as part of their Stretching New Boundaries programme, will manifest online, in Georges House Gallery and at public sites in Folkestone to create a global oasis of self motivation. The digital based gallery installation will give visitors the opportunity to experience the goals set by others, whilst pondering on and contributing their own. Then in precisely one year’s time, participants will receive an email asking them whether they have achieved the goal they aspired twelve months ago. This project builds on insights gained in the field of psychology where research shows that making an active commitment to achieve a personal goal dramatically increases your chances of success.

Visit to take part.