folkestone triennial countdown

01 January 2011

last 24 hours....

Do you have a story to tell, something interesting about the town that you think townspeople and visitors alike might find fascinating, or something personal to you about a particular place that’s special. Are there any festive traditions that are particular to Folkestone that we should know about?

The stories are for our Alternative Guide Book to Folkestone, which we are creating for the 2011 Folkestone Triennial. The artwork is called “Everywhere Means Something to Someone” and we have had hundreds of entries from lots of different people.

Some of the things that have been shared so far include: that the first baseball game ever played in England was with the Canadians stationed here during the First World War; the origin of the beautiful Weeping Ash tree in Kingsnorth Gardens; and memories of fishing at the pond that is now the roundabout off the M20 as you head into Folkestone.

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