• viareggio carnival float
  • viareggio carnival float inspired by the G8 Summit
  • viareggio nightime float
  • viareggio, the winning float
  • viareggio carnival float
  • carnival float inspired by the G8 Summit
  • viareggio masked band
  • viareggio nightime float
  • viareggio backpack costumes

viareggio research visit

viareggio, italy

In 2006 Strange Cargo took a team of artists to the famous Viareggio Carnival in Italy. The team met local makers and visited the workshop of world class carnival maker Gilbert Lebigre to observe the specialist techniques used to construct the enormous floats in this International spectacle.

The month long extravaganza is made up of five parades of huge allegorical papier-maché floats (up to twenty meters tall) and masks accompanied by musical bands along the large beachside promenade known as "La Passeggiata". At the end of the festival, a jury awards prizes to the best floats.

Started as a local celebration in 1873, the Carnival gradually became one of Italy's most famous. It now attracts over 1.000.000 visitors every year.

viareggio carnival float