artist development -

artist development

" Strange Cargo believe that the legacy of training and skills we leave in the communities we engage with when delivering workshops is as important a part of the process as the event itself. Any training we embark on to strengthen our artist team and increase our own knowledge and skills base will eventually filter through to the groups of people we work with." Brigitte Orasinski, Director

We are committed to growing the experience and capacity of the artists we work with, through formal and informal training, and encouraging them to support our ethos of using the visual arts to inspire the young and old in cultural understanding and artistic involvement.

Artists have an adept ability to apply specialist - and seemingly unrelated - knowledge gained in one creative field to other disciplines, a skill that can be harnessed to benefit the wider community. For this reason Strange Cargo bring together creative teams of practitioners from a diverse range of artforms to deliver our wide range of projects.