Sea Swim - Head Above Water

22 October - 26 November 2016

SEA SWIM: Head Above Water curated by Lara Goodband

Strange Cargo Gallery

22nd October to 26th November Opened by Hedley Swain - Area Direction for Arts Council England South East. Exhibition open to the public Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 4.30pm. Free entry to the gallery.

The way the shoreline and the sea changes both our physical experience and the way we look at the human body has long been a subject for artists and writers. Whether it be from rocks or a beach, the place where we enter the sea is a point of transition between weight and weightlessness, between our life on land with all its noisy complexities and the silence and strangeness of the sea. Through the development of a range of relatively cheap waterproof technologies the point of view of the swimmer can now be explored by artists more intimately than ever before. ‘Head Above Water’ brings together artworks that are sited in and around the coast, and which explore the transformative effects of this liminal zone. Time and timelessness are recurrent themes. The tide comes in and erases the traces of our feet on the sand and hides the shore; it goes out and reveals the hidden and leaves the beach fresh for us once again.

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