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strange cargo and Spencer Tunick

Scope Out

17 May - 03 June 2014

An exhibition by Spencer Tunick Click to fill out the exhibition survey

Following the Museums at Night event on 17th May, the exhibition will be open to the public until 3rd June. Monday to Saturday: 10am - 5pm and Sundays: 11am - 4pm.

"I want to participate in aid of my body image, to hopefully become a bit more comfortable in my own skin by artistically posing for Spencer."

"I just want the chance to be part of something incredible. It would be amazing to think "I did that" and in years to come think "I looked like that!"

Spencer Tunick has come to the UK this month to create a series of individual nude portraits of local people for his exhibition, curated by Strange Cargo at their Georges House Gallery. Scope Out is being described by Spencer Tunick as his “homage to film”. At a time when film stock is becoming scarcer, the exhibition focuses on his relationship with this very traditional method of capturing an image. The exhibition possess another very personal dimension for the artist, as his chosen method of displaying the portraits will be in simple, colourful keychain viewing scopes – a rekindling of a photographic device from his formative years. In addition to the new portraits, visitors to the exhibition will be able to view Tunick’s personal archive of scopes that will also be exhibited in the gallery. Scope Out is part of the national Museums at Night Festival organised by Culture24. Photo credits: Luke Yates and Folkestone Herald.

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