MA Fine Art, Univercity of Kent

Fitting into the Outside

01 - 11 February 2014

Open: Tues - Sat 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am -3pm and closed Mondays

This group of young Kent based artists (all of whom are currently studying for their MA Fine Art) have been playing with some questions; is the artist a mystic other, a shaman with a special ability to see and hear what others can't, do we have a message, or are we drawn to art simply through circumstance? Whatever the answers we are making art for an audience and this should be considered when we relate our creations- or should it?

Can you understand? Should you understand? Do we understand you? Do we fit into the outside?

Painting, performance, film, sculpture and sound are the mediums we have chosen to approach this theme of dislocation and encountering the unknown.