Collateral Drawing 5

03 September - 05 November 2017

Rose Wylie | Jonathan Wright | Jonathan Parsons | Tim Noble | Nicole Mollett | Andrew Kötting and Eden Kötting | Gary Hume | Georgie Hopton | Matthew Herbert | Darrell Hawkins | Edgeworth | Bella Easton | Billy Childish | Scarlett Carlos Clarke | Jemima Brown

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There’s more to an artwork than its finished state, but exhibitions concentrate on that, along perhaps with preparatory studies which act as preliminary versions of that state. Yet there may be any number of by-products from the making of an artwork, and that is what Collateral Drawing explores by showing the ‘collateral’ alongside the finished work. This fifth iteration to be shown at Strange Cargo features artists who have a connection with Kent.

Images Collateral by-products, Rose Wylie and Scarlett Carlos Clarke, 2017

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