Lisa Bates

And I Thought You Were Beautiful

11 - 23 April 2014

‘Your absence has gone through me    Like thread through a needle. Everything I do is stitched with its colour.’ W. S. Merwin, 'Separation'

‘And I Thought You Were Beautiful’ explores a poignant connection to the Kent coast. A childlike fascination with collection transforms in to layered video, installation and collage, to create ambiguous narratives that explore the ephemeral nature of the sea and the artist’s longing in her absence from the landscape. The motif of the glass jar in particular becomes a poetic metaphor of an attempt to preserve time and memory; it also suggests the unexpected sensation of claustrophobia, felt on moving to a landlocked town after 16 years living alongside the sea.

A community artist and recent Fine Art graduate of Loughborough University, Lisa brings her first solo show back home to the landscape that continues to permeate her artistic practice.