• Forget Me Not Regimental Badges

    This download shows all of the regimental badges of Cheriton's fallen First World War servicemen. The inspiration for this project was King George V and Lord Kitchener's visit to Shorncliffe Barracks and their horse ride through Cheriton in 1915. A full sized model of a horse was painted and adorned with dazzle camouflage and the military badges by artist Kelvin Pawsey working with Cheriton's Harvey Grammar School for Boys. Many ex-pupils appear on the schools WWI Memorial. The students researched and studied World War One military insignia relating to the regiments of Cheriton's fallen servicemen and the regiments that travelled through the town's Shorncliffe Barracks. These were digitally reproduced as decals. Research was also carried out into dazzle camouflage techniques created for naval vessels by Norman Wilkinson, which were reproduced and painted onto the horse sculpture as part of the project and the insignia decals were affixed all over the horse. The finished piece was displayed at Strange Cargo during our talk by historian Vince Williams and then outside the school, opposite Cheriton Road Cemetery over the weekend of the centenary of the Armistice. A poppy wreath was also created, that also included a number of purple poppies to commemorate the animals who died in WWI. The accompanying panel shared all of the regiments detailed on the horse and also informed people that over 8,000,000 horses and other animals played an important role in military services during the First World War.

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    Forget Me Not Regimental Badges