• lily the herne bay giant

    Lily the Herne Bay Giant, named by local people after the Fleur de Limade was created and awoken in February.

  • flora the ashford giant

    Flora the Ashford giant from the village of Singleton is inspired by the flora and fauna that surrounds this village.

  • captain sam the whitstable giant

    Captain Sam the Whitstable Giant awakes in the grounds of the Victorian gardens of Whitstable Castle on the warm and sunny Bank Holiday Sunday.

  • charivari day 06

    The 2006 Charivari 'Carnival of the Giants' involved the East Kent Giants and visiting GĂ©ants from across The Channel.

  • josh the margate giant

    The Margate giant was commissioned by Turner Contemporary as part of their ongoing audience development programme for their Unite exhibition.

  • stifford primary's sculptural burn

    The bonfire was a fabulous way for the audience staff, children and families to say a fitting goodbye to much classroom clutter.